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[Notice] Application for reduction of tuition fee for students who registered for excess semester Fall, 2017
Writer 이미정 Date 2017-06-27 Hit 3044

Application for reduction of tuition fee for students who registered for excess semester Fall, 2017


1. Applicants
 a. Among students who have already registered for the minimum number of semesters but haven’t completed the degree yet, those who are taking a class in Fall semester, 2017
   * Minimum semester for registration : 4 semesters for Mastr’s program, 4 semesters for Doctorate  program, 8 semesters for Integrated(Combined) program.

 b. Students who are scheduled to take 6 credits or less in Fall semester, 2017

 c. Students who have completed all required couses but not thesis are not the applicants for Reduction of tuition fees for additional semester. They can be applicants for Research Registration or School register Maintenance Registration.


2. Application Procedure
 Application period: Jul. 11(Tue) ~ Jul. 31(Mon), 2017

   - Able to print out the Bill of reduction of tuition fee for additional semester from Aug. 18(Fri) only in the case that students applied for classes of 6 credits or less within the application period for classes, from Aug.9(Wed) ~ Aug. 16(Wed), 2017.
   - On the tuition bill printed before Aug.18(Fri), there's no reduction of tuition fee. So please re-print out the tuition bill after Aug. 18(Fri),2017

 b. Required document: Application form for reduction of tuition fee (Attachment)
 c. How to submit it : Sending an e-mail (
 d. Confirmation: Applicant’s tuition bill will be changed after confirming the information of applicant’s classes.


3. How to register
 a. Print out the tuition bill: Aug. 18(Fri) ~ Aug. 31(Thu), 2017
  b. Registration period: Aug
. 25(Fri) ~ Aug. 31(Thu), during bank working hours

 c. Notes:
    1) In case of change of credits by changing classes, additional tuition fee will be charged.
    2) Reduction of tuition fee will be reflected on tuition bill after finishing the application for classes due to the schedule.


4. Amount of Payment
  - 0 to 3 credits : Pay one-third(1/3) of your tuition fees
  - 4 to 6 credits : Pay one-half(1/2) of your tuition fees
  - 7 credits and over : Pay full amount of tuition fees


5. Attachment: Application form for reduction of tuition fee


- Office of Graduate School -

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