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[Notice]Notice for Student ID Number for New students for Fall, 2019
Writer 김규리 Date 2019-08-05 Hit 8686

<< Notice for Student ID Number for New students for Fall, 2019 >>

1. Checking the Student ID Number
   a. Please check your Student ID Number in the attached file.
   b. If you have any changes in your personal information including alien registration number, please contact the office of graduate school (031-219-2304, ) or each department office.
  c. If you do not pay tuition fees within the registration period, student ID number will be deleted.

  2. How to make a student ID card
   a. Period for making Web ID : Available from August 4th ~30th , 2019
   b. Procedure
1) New students in Ajou : Please check the attached file #3. ( – AIMS2 portal Click – Application for web ID on left upper side – Input the information of your name, Student ID No. and Birthdate)
    ※ Birthdate should be entered with YY/MM/DD type. (Ex. 1991-08-13 -> 910813)
2) New Students who were a student in Ajou : Please select the graduate student number in the first page of AIMS2 portal. ( – AIMS2 portal Click – Login by using Web ID and Password – Please check the Student ID No. of graduate school as a representative authority from the Tab under your name )
3) Please refer to the detailed information of making web ID from the attachment #2.

3. Application for classes
  a. Period :  Aug 6th(Tue) ~ Aug 12th(Mon), 2019.
  b. For more information about application for classes, please refer to the attached file.

4. Commencement of Fall, 2019 : Sep 2nd, 2019

5. Attachments
 1) Information on application for classes, Fall 2019
 2) Agreement of using personal information and How to make student ID & ID card
 3) How to search for English classes that offered in Fall, 2019
 4) The list of Student ID Number for Fall semester, 2019

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