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[Notice] Notice for Second Session of Successful Candidates for Spring Semester, 2020
Writer 김규리 Date 2020-01-20 Hit 4008

Notice for Successful Candidates of Second Session in 2020 Spring Semester

(Graduate school in Ajou University)


Congratulations for your admission! 

This is important information for you, please read it carefully. 

Academic information for graduate school students will be noticed again around first week of February, 2020 


1. Visa documents

  • certificate of admission, certificate of scholarship, invitation letter, tuition bill(We will send the tuition bill to you by email individually)

  • International students who live abroad : We will send them to you.

  • International students who live in Korea : After paying tuition fees within registration period, You need to visit graduate school office and take the documents for changing or extending visa status. ( #305 Yulgok Hall, Please contact us before visiting our Office to check that your documents are prepared.)


    **Please contact the Korean embassy in your country, local immigration office or HiKorea(02-1345) for the required documents as the required documents may differ depending on the region.


All visa related affairs are solely upon individual responsibility of the student. The school office offers limited service and is not responsible for any visa matter that may occur.

E-Governent for Foreigners: , telephone: 02-1345 (offers multi language services)



2. Registration

   You can print out the tuition bill on our website from January 22nd( )

a. period : From January 29th(Wed) ~ January 31st(Fri), 2020

b. Payment Place : KB Bank

 - If you cannot pay tuition during this period, your admission will be cancelled.

- Those who cannot pay during the period given above due to the residential status- staying abroad at the time of registration period, please contact us in advance and those student should submit the Postponing Document until January 27th, 2020.

If a student applied for a refund of the tuition fee, the paid admission fee cannot be refunded and the tuition fee will also be refunded according to the date of applying for the refund.

    c. Tuition Fee


Admission Fee

Tuition Fee






Natural Sciences




Humanity/Social Sciences




Financial Engineering








Medical Science




   d. How to print out certificate of payment

     Click - [Print out Certificate of Payment]


3. Scholarship

- Your scholarship information is on the tuition bill.

- To be granted Scholarship continuously, students should take at least 4 credits and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher without F in each semester (Masters: up to 4 semesters, Doctoral : up to 6 semesters, Integrated program : up to 8 semesters)

- Scholarship will be available only for the students before completion of credits

- Scholarship will be cancelled if the students applied for the leave of absence.


4. Application for classes

a. Period : around early February then again in March for changing and application for the classes.

b. How to apply: Application process will be noticed on graduate school website.(

You can get information about classes from the coordinator in each department office.


5. Commencement of Spring Semester 2020

: March. 2nd (Mon), 2020


6. Student ID number

- After registration period, the student ID number will be announced on graduate school website and also through email around early February, 2020.

- With your student ID number, you must create an account on AIMS portal.

- Instruction on how to make an account will be noticed through email later on.


7. Student ID card.

- You can get your student ID card in late February from the graduate school office and for that you have to agree to a consent of using private information on AIMS.

- And we will notice it again. (


8. Orientation for International students in 2020 Spring semester.

 - Around late February, 2020

- The schedule will be noticed later. (


9. Dormitory

- The dormitory application period is already over. Please contact dorm coordinator for any inquiries.

E-mail:, Tel: 031-219-2149


10. Contact information of Graduate School Office

If you have any questions, please contact us.

- Address: Office of Graduate School Room 305 Yulgok Hall, Ajou University, World cup-ro 206, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Postal code: 16499 (Office Hours: 09-18, Weekdays, lunch break:12-13)

- Email :

- Graduate School Office -

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