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Application of Issuance of Visa

  • Qualification for Stay : D-2 Study Visa
  • Agency of Application : Korean missions abroad
    • ※ A certificate for recognition of visa issuance should be applied for to the Director General of the district immigration bureau in Korea
  • Application : Applicant himself/herself or his/her representative
  • Required Documents for Application
    • - Certificate from last school attended (diploma)
    • - Certificate of Admission : Issued only to those among passing applicants who completed registration by the graduate
    •   school(Includes financial certifications)
    • ※ You can get more detailed information about visa by visiting


Matters to be Noted

  • All documents necessary for application for admission must be submitted with the original and documents in Korean or in languages other than English must be submitted after being notarizied in Korea and being translated into English.
  • Admission will be denied when the information on the required documents is proven to be false or other facts concerning admission though dishonest methods are revealed.
  • All application materials submitted will not be returned.
  • If the submitted application materials are inadequate or insufficient, your application will be classified as "Disqualified" and review by your department will not be conducted
  • When foreigners enter and stay in Korea for more than 90 days for the purpose of study, they must get their alien registration card at a district immigration bureau within 90 days after entry.
  • Various matters after admission should be complied with the regulations and by laws of the said university’s graduate school.

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