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Screening Method and Scoring

Screening Method

Students are selected by evaluation of their documents and interviews, and the examination of applicants’ documents includes their financial ability. For overseas applicants, the interview screening committee of a departmental may conduct the evaluation based on a phone interview and submitted documents in place of a personal interview depending on the recruiting plans of each department.

  • Examination of Documents
    • - The evaluation is conducted by the department based on undergraduate or graduate level grades.
  • Interview
    • - The evaluation is conducted on ability in a major, linguistic proficiency, aptitude and personality.
    • - Language proficiency (Korean or English) is evaluated to confirm whether or not it is at an appropriate level to take
      classes in the respective languages

※ Each department must also examine the financial ability (educational and living expenses) of foreign applicants and deny
admission to foreign applicants when a guarantee cannot be made

Scoring by Each Selection Method
Scoring by Each Selection Method
Classification of Programs



Interview Total



Ability in Major Aptitude Personality Linguistic Proficiency Total
Master’s Programs       100 100 60 40 200 300
Doctoral Programs       100 120 80 Yes/No 200 300

※ A research plan submitted by applicants to doctoral programs is examined and reflected in the aptitude score

Qualifing Grade

The minimum grade necessary to pass an interview for the Master’s and Doctoral programs is 60% or over by each member of the interview screening committee(Applicants receiving grades of less than 60% by 2/3 of the interview screening committee members will be disqualified.

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