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Ajou R&D Center

HOMEResearch Ajou R&D Center
Second-Phase BK21 Project by the Ministry of Education

In 2006, the Ministry of Education selected 8 teams (two teams in science and technology, one in professional service, and five core project teams). Ajou University will receive 23 billion won for seven years for the project designed to foster advanced researchers demanded for the realization of Korea as a powerhouse of human resources in the 21st century.

Project for the Specialization of Universities in Metropolitan Areas by the Ministry of Education

For the project designed to create a global industry-academy cooperative educational system based on IT-intensive education, Ajou University will receive roughly 6.7 billion won for four years. The university also runs the "IT-Intensive Education" program in which students in information technology live together and engage in the IT-related project a semester, "IT Industrial-Academic Cooperation Project," and "IT Global Project" and was rated best in the interim evaluation in 2007.

ITRC Project by the Ministry of Information and Communication
  • Game Animation Center

The 8.8 billion-won project is designed to develop data processing technology and content production technology for the next-generation animation production during a period of 9 years. Ajou University was named an outstanding example at the "Regional Innovation Model Contest" held in 2005 and won the Prime Minister Award" ad the "Second Korea Regional Innovation Fair."

  • National Defense Strategy Network Research Center

It is a 6.4 billion-won project designed to develop core technology for the embodiment of the integrated national defense strategy network by integrating various private and military information and communication systems for 7 years.

(※ ITRC : Information Technology Research Center)

Ubiquitous Computing and Network Source and Base Technology Development Project

Ubiquitous computing technology is an innovative technology that will have profound effect on a variety of industries including logistics, medicine, home appliances, and communication. Ajou University will receive 20.8 billion won for ten years for the development of the technology. It is a critical technology that will produce synergetic effect on industry in general and create a pleasant living environment through technological convergence among IT, BT, NT, and ET technologies and technology transfer and distribution to other industries.

National Genome Research Project by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

Named the "Liver and Digestive Diseases Genome Research Center" by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2001, Ajou University receives a 10-year, 5 billion won to develop new method for the diagnosis of liver and digestive diseases and medication.

Cell Treatment Center by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy

The research center was founded on industrial-academic cooperation for the development of cell medicine using stem cells and the treatment of incurable diseases. The center, which will receive 6 billion won for five years from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy, plans to introduce cell treatment methods for various diseases that have been untreatable through research on cell treatment and the cultivation of professionals in that area.

Major Research Projects at Ajou University

Major Research Projects at Ajou University
Second-Phase BK 21 Project 5 core project teams including Nano Medicine Project Team, Energy System Project Team, Research Project Team for Cell Transformation and Revival.
Project for the Specialization of Universities in Metropolitan Areas Creation of a global industry-academy cooperative educational system
ITRC Project Game Animation Center, National Defense Strategy Network Research Center
National Genome Research Project Live and Digestive Disease Genome Research Center
Growth Engine Technology Development Project Cell Treatment Center
Gyeonggi Region Regional Cooperation Project Center for the Development of New Medication for Cell Apoptosis Control
Science Research Center (SRC) Brain Disease Research Center
Medical Research Center (NRC) Chronic Inflammatory Disease Research Center
National Research Lab Project (NRL) Composite Materials Photonics Lab

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