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Issuance of Certificates

HOMEAcademics Issuance of Certificates

<Issuance of student ID card for international students>

- Place for issuance : Ajou Service Center (new student union #116/ Extension number : 1541~1544)


For new students
  • After submitting consenting form of using private information on AIMS portal, you will get your student ID card from the office of graduate school(Room # 305, Yulgok Hall) after we notify you of the arrival of student ID card.
In the event of re-issuance
  • Application and re-issuance : Ajou Service Center ASC (New Student Union Building 116 / Extension number 1541~1544)
  • Required documents : Application for re-issuance of ID for international student, 1 set of photos, fee of 14,000 won

<Issuance of certificate>

Types of certificate (English and Korean languages)
  • Academic record
  • Studentship certificate
  • Enrollment certificate
  • Completion (scheduled) certificate
  • Certificate for temporary absence from school
  • Degree presentation (scheduled) certificate
  • Certificate proving payment of educational costs
Period of issuance
  • The certificate of scheduled completion is issued after the passing of 1/4 of class days for each semester.
  • The certificate of scheduled degree conferment is issued after the submission of thesis for degree.
  • The certificate of completion and the certificate of degree conferment are issued on the basis of the degree conferment date of each semester.
Application method

Application is available at from a touch screen on campus or at the Graduate School homepage

Internet application for certificate

Login to School homepage → certificate issue at the bottom right→ Instant issuance of Internet certificate

Stamp sales and certificate issuance

Ajou Service Center (New Student Union Building 116 / Extension number. 1541~1544)


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