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Application for Admission
1. Application form for Admission PDF 다운로드 2. Study Plan DOC 다운로드
엑셀 다운로드
3. Confirmation of Translation PDF 다운로드 4. Confirmation letter of Pre-contacting for   admission DOC 다운로드
5. Health & Medical Clearance Form PDF 다운로드 6. Checklist for application PDF 다운로드
7. Guideline for Application, Fall 2019  PDF 다운로드 

8. Withdrawal of application for Admission

    & Application for Refund of tuition fee

DOC 다운로드
9. Confirmation of Insufficient Language Proficiency(For professor, For students)

 PDF 다운로드

 PDF 다운로드



Academic Affairs
1. Application for change of the degree process to Integrated course hwp 다운로드 2. Application Form for Withdrawal of Credits hwp 다운로드
3. Application Form for Withdrawal of Classes hwp 다운로드 4. Application for Exemption from Foreign Language test hwp 다운로드
5. Application for cancellation of foreign language test hwp 다운로드 6. Application for the change of department hwp 다운로드
7. Application for credit recognition from the change of department hwp 다운로드 8. Application for Minor hwp 다운로드
9. Application for cancellation of minor hwp 다운로드 10. Application for Credit recognition from previous graduate school hwp 다운로드
11. Statement of reasons for recognition of excess of credits hwp 다운로드 12. Application for credit recognition of special courses of lecture in master's degree hwp 다운로드
13. Application for Leave of Absence(disease) hwp 다운로드 14. Guideline for Nonsubject Education hwp 다운로드
15. Application for dropout of school hwp 다운로드 16. (Enrolled Student)Application for Refund of tuition fee hwp 다운로드
17. Letter of Recommendation for Joint academic advisor or a direction committee among external personnel hwp 다운로드 18. Application form for academic advisor hwp 다운로드
19. Request form of changing Advisor hwp 다운로드 20. Application for Correction on Personal Information in School Register hwp 다운로드



1. (New student) Withdrawal of application for Admission  & Application for Refund of tuition fee

hwp 다운로드 2. (Enrolled Student) Application for Refund of tuition fee hwp 다운로드
3. (New student) Form of postponing payment hwp 다운로드 4. (Enrolled Student) Application for postponing payment of tuition fees hwp 다운로드
5. Application for reduction of tuition fees for excess semester hwp 다운로드 - -


1. Forms for submission of thesis for Master's degree docx 다운로드 2. Forms for submission of thesis for Doctorate degree docx 다운로드
3. Application for the change of Thesis review members docx 다운로드 4. Preparation Guideline for a Graduate school Thesis docx 다운로드
5. Form of Thesis Plan docx 다운로드 6. Application for restoration of qualification for submitting thesis degree docx 다운로드
7. Statement of reason for changing the thesis title docx 다운로드 8. Confirmation of Thesis Progress docx 다운로드
9. Application for postponement of examination of thesis degree docx 다운로드 10. Application for cancellation of thesis review docx 다운로드
11. Application for conferment of Master's degree from Integrated course docx 다운로드 12. Application for postponement of completion docx 다운로드


정부초청 외국인장학생(GKS) 관련 양식
Korean Government Scholarship Program
1. Forms for KGSP Graduate Scholars hwp 다운로드 2. Guidebook for 2015 KGSP Graduate Scholars pdf 다운로드
3. Regulations for KGSP Award Recipients pdf 다운로드    
Visa Extension
1. Confirmation form for Faculty advisor on a Student's Thesis Schedule hwp 다운로드 2. The Sojourn Guide for Foreigners(Korean) hwp 다운로드
3. The Sojourn Guide for Foreigners(English) hwp 다운로드 4. The Sojourn Guide for Foreigners(Chinese) hwp 다운로드
5. Confirmation Letter(Supplementary for Financial Certificate) hwp 다운로드    


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